Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Fast & Reliable Web Hosting at great rates is just the beginning. We offer Full Management at no extra cost on all our plans so you can handle as much or as little of the tech side as you like.

OnShore or Offshore Hosting

We offer hosting on both OnShore servers or Ofshore ones. Onshore servers are based in Australia, whilst our offshore servers are based in the United States.

The main advantage to Australian based servers are that as they are based in Australia, your website will be slightly faster and more responsive to customers in Australia, as the information has less distance to travel. The second biggest advantage is that as they are run by Australian based companies, the maintenance windows on the equipment will be in the wee hours of the morning (eg: 3am AEST) so you will not experience any maintenance downtime during Australian business hours.

The advantage to Offshore Hosting is Hard Disk space and Bandwidth are far cheaper than their Australian counterparts. So if you need a lot of disk storage space or use a lot of monthly bandwidth, our Offshore plans will be more suitable. The main disadvantage to Offshore servers is maintenance windows on the equipment will be during the early morning hours in the United States - which is often during business hours Australian time. These maintenance windows are normally very brief - however they can be longer if equipment needs to be replaced.

Australian Based Hosting

Disk Space Bandwidth Monthly
DreamOrb50 50 meg 5 gig $14.95
DreamOrb100 100 meg 10 gig $19.95
DreamOrb200 200 meg 20 gig $39.95
DreamOrb1000 1 gig 100 gig $199.95

All plans include:

  • Load Balanced Clustered Servers
  • Hourly Backups
  • $50 Google Ad-word Certificate to start your marketing efforts
  • Urchin Statistics Console & By Stats by Email (Worth $895)
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Managed Applications (osCommerce, phpBB, Gallery & WordPress)

Unlike other web hosts, DreamOrb will serve your websites from a load-balanced 'cluster' of servers rather than vulnerable standalone servers. This means:

  • If a server fails, other hardware will pick up its workload.
  • Servers can be updated and upgraded without service outages.
  • Extreme traffic to a single website will not degrade the service of other sites.

Offshore Based Hosting

Disk Space Bandwidth Monthly
DreamOrb1200 1,200 meg 12.5 gig $14.95
DreamOrb2000 2,000 meg 17.5 gig $19.95
DreamOrb3000 3,000 meg 25 gig $39.95
DreamOrb5000 5,000 meg 50 gig $69.95
DreamOrbExtreme 12.5 gig 87.5 gig $129.95

All plans include:

  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Databases


Call 1300 722 426 to place your order today, or to discuss your needs. Alternatively email us at sales@dreamorb.com.au or drop in.